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When Will Interest Rates Go Down? 

Rising Interest Rates: Here’s the Deal

If you’ve been following the news, you know that the United States central banking system, better known as the Federal Reserve (or “Feds”), continues to raise interest rates as global inflation, pandemic-related labor shortages and international conflicts persist. As of today, here are the current mortgage rates:

Source: CNET Money

What Rising Interest Rates Mean for Buyers 

What Rising Interest Rates Mean for Sellers   

While there’s been much concern about whether rising interest rates and inflation will lead to another housing market crash, it’s important to stay calm and hopeful. We are seeing a gradual balancing out of supply and demand and this is a good thing. This balancing act is what helps to prevent sudden real estate crashes when housing bubbles burst. So, net-net, higher interest rates help to calm down markets around the country and this is ultimately good for everyone.  

My Advice 

Unfortunately, I can’t forecast when interest rates will go down. However, whether you’re a seller or a buyer, keep interest rates in perspective and remain focused on your goals and what’s most important to you. Consult a financial advisor about loans, refinancing options and other vital information that will keep you from overextending yourself financially as a buyer or seller. And last but not least, remember to be flexible as you ride the wave that is this current housing market.

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