First off, if you aren't represented by your own agent, you aren't being represented by someone with your best interest in mind. Think about it, the agent that you met when you walked into the model home is there to sell the home-to make the most money for the builder. First and foremost, that agent works for the builder.

Also, you aren't going to get a better deal if you don't bring your own agent with you. Read that again! There is a commission already built into the price of the home, whether you are represented by an agent or not. If you aren't represented by your own agent, the builder pockets that extra cash!

EXTRAs-I know how to negotiate extras in to the deal, that otherwise a builder's rep wouldn't mention. Again, that rep is there to make the best deal for the builder. Maybe I can get them to throw in a cabinet upgrade, or that beautiful hardwood flooring you like!

FINANCING-More times than not, the builder will offer on-site financing and if you use that lender they will give you some cash back or another perk. But, have you done the numbers over the long-term? You might be getting a few thousand in closing cost help, but over the 30 year term of the loan you may be paying tens of thousands more in interest. I can help you figure this out.

INSPECTION-It's a brand new home, what could possibly be wrong? It's imperative that you hire your own inspector before closing and make sure the home is perfect before signing on the dotted line. I can help with that.

Everyone wants to walk away from a home purchase with peace of mind. Having a good real estate agent in your corner will help with that. I'm happy to help, I love working with new construction.