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6 Tips on Managing Stress When Selling or Buying

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It’s no secret that selling or buying a house—or simply living through an ongoing global pandemic—can stir up a storm of emotions. Anxiety, fear, frustration and grief can all rush in like a tidal wave, leaving even the calmest person overwhelmed with stress.

If you’re feeling stressed, here are some helpful tips and coping mechanisms to help get you through. 

1. Remember to Breathe 

2. Practice Mindful Thinking & Meditation 

3. Exercise More 

4. Sleep Better 

5. Eat Well 

Stress can really throw our eating habits out of whack. If this is happening to you, be gentle with yourself! Eating is something that naturally gives us pleasure, so it makes sense that we may overdo it when we’re experiencing overwhelming stress—which doesn’t make anyone feel good. So don’t beat yourself up if this is true for you. Just try to incorporate more fresh fruits, vegetables, water and calming teas into your everyday diet. 

6.  Trust Your Realtor 

Whether you are selling or buying, your realtor is there to help you navigate this crazy market! It’s the essential reason why you hired them in the first place. So when your mind starts to wander and worry, trust that your agent has all of the moving parts behind the scenes under control.    

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