Charlote Carac

Buyer’s Agent

OFFICE: 936-978-0791


Enthusiasm hard work and personalized service go into everything Charlotte does. Realizing that each and every client has an individual and specific need, Charlotte recognizes these needs and follows-up both before and after the deal has occurred. Her knowledge of real estate, along with these attributes, allows her to stand out in the industry and make her a perfect fit to assist Haley Garcia with buyers.

Charlotte was born and raised in a ‘real estate family’ in Copenhagen Denmark, She speaks Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and German. She relocated to Miami in 2006, where she worked as a Realtor for Keyes Real Estate. She has been living in The Woodlands since 2015 with Her husband and 2 children. She is a big part of the Scandinavian Expat Community.

Charlotte graduated from Niels Brok Business School in Denmark, She owned her owned company from 2003 to 2015 in Denmark.

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